Secondary 1-3
EMI (English Medium of Instruction) CMI (Chinese Medium of Instruction)
GCSE Chinese/ Chinese Chinese
Liberal Studies
Integrated Science
Buddhist Studies
------------------------------------------- Chinese History
Physical Education
Promotion System

Passing Requirement

The passing mark: 50%
S1-S3: 50% (Core subjects)

A. Daily Marks (Quizzes, Tests, Homework, Assignments, etc.)

B. Standard tests
There are two terms per year and one standard test per term.

C. Examinations
There are two terms per year and one examination per term.

Attendance Requirement for Examinations

80% attendance required
• Absent for more than 20% of the school days without a valid reason (Doctor’s note needed): NOT PERMITTED TO TAKE THE EXAMINATION
(NO holidays during school days)
“D” conduct mark: Your name will be on the AB list for repeating.

Sick Leave during Standard Tests and Examinations

• All students are required to submit a doctor's note to prove that he/she could not sit for the examination or standard test.
• “ABS” will be printed in that subject’s column in the report card.
• The score for that subject will be counted as zero.