Parent-Teacher Association

 I. Vision

  1. Strengthen good and effective communication between parents and the school.
  2. Improve communication skills between parents and their children.
  3. Encourage parents to actively participate in their children’s education.
  4. Enrich the knowledge of parents of nurturing their children.
  5. Respond to social needs; and promote students and parents to establish a positive family relationship.
 II. Mission
  1. Strengthen the use of existing communication channels.
  2. Open up more and newer communication channels.
  3. Organize activities to facilitate our school's educational goals and parents' needs.
  4. Providing a wide range of parent-child activities.
  5. Maximize the welfare of students through the "Parent-Teacher Association".
 III. Target this year
  1. Strengthen the communication between the school and parents.
  2. Through extracurricular activities, facilitates parents to actively communicate with their children.
  3. Organize different forms of parent-child activities, and hope to further strengthen communication in all aspects.
 IV.16th Parent-Teacher Association Executive Committe


 Mr. Poon Kam Chuen

Vice Chairperson

 Ms. Yim Ngan Ling (Teacher)


 Ms. Cheung Sze Wai (Teacher)


 Ms. Chan Fa Ping

Welfare  Ms. Chow Oi Lun (Teacher)
Welfare  Ms. Lui Lai Chun
Welfare  Ms. Maria R. BERTES
General Affairs  Ms. Anna Liza S. Cedeno
General Affairs  Mr. Poon Kwok Kuen (Teacher)
General Affairs  Ms. Peralta Marilou