1. Boarding Fees for 2018-2019
  i. Deposit $1250 (refundable after deducting the miscellaneous expenses at the end of residence)
  ii.Monthly boarding expenses are $2100 :


(A) Boarding fee $1250 

(B) Catering fee (for dinner only, excluding breakfast) $700


(C) Electricity fee $150

    In principle, the boarding fee is non-refundable. However, the warden may exercise his/her discretion and reimburse any remaining boarding fees to the boarder.
  iii.Payment :

(A) For S.1 to S.5 students     (September to June)



 Paying period


 First instalment

(Before 31/8/2018


 $2,100 x 5 months


 Second instalment

(Before 13/1/2019)


 $2,100 x 5 months



(B) For S.6 students         (September to February)



 Paying period


 One instalment

(Before 31/8/2018)


 $12,100 x 6 months